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Membership Requirements


Welcome! We are glad you're here! We are a big-hearted ministry that would like to include you in our family. Moreover, we would love to celebrate your decision to receive God by way of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. No, you don’t have to physically attend our church to receive Salvation or to be a member.


You can receive Salvation right now! You can join Empowerment Worship Center of Dallas right now! We’re inviting you to receive God's pursuit of a love relationship that is real and personal.


To receive Salvation and become a Virtual Member, please complete the form below and visit the link designated for you. As a virtual member, you will benefit from weekly online sermons, growth group teachings, personal prayer requests responded to by our Pastor and activities that are reserved for virtual members only. Join today! Just complete the form below and you're one click away from connecting with Empowerment Worship Center of Dallas! 

*This membership does not end when the pandemic ends. Once you connect with us you will be connected until you decided otherwise.

As an online member, we invite you to:

+ Engage in our Sunday morning live stream worship service

 + Pray for the church community, staff, and leadership
+ Participate in worship through online giving

+ Support EWCD online with likes and shares on various social media platforms

What is the financial commitment?

There is no monthly connection fee. If you desire to give your tithes and offerings or sow a seed to support  the many facets of ministry, we are grateful and encourage you to do so by simple clicking our "DONATE" link. 



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